A Family That Enjoys Life

Michael and Monica

Monica and I met in June, 1989. We have had an exciting and wonderful twelve years. During this time we've been fortunate to travel much of the world, meeting numerous people (resulting in new friendships), welcome Carmen (Monica's Mother) into our home, and have a son - Nicholas. Click here to contact Carmen Yepez

Hello, my name is Nicholas and I am six years old. This picture was taken (June 2001)in Quito, Ecuador. I have just returned from a one month trip to meet family, practice my spanish, and see the country where my mother was born and raised. I still talk with a gringo accent. But, my spanish vocabulary has been expanded and I am now much more fluent. I can't wait until I return next year. The most exciting part about my trip was spending time with my Paolito (my Grandmother's Great Nephew).
I'm hoping my father will take me to China next! Click here to contact Nicholas

our son Nicholas in Quito, Ecuador

Michael's Profession

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